January 15, 2021

U.S. Medical Glove Company Adds Houston Factory, Tripling Capacity to Produce Nitrile Powder-Free Medical Examination Gloves for Food and Beverage, Medical, Industrial and Federal Use

U.S. Medical Glove added 24-production line’s, tripling production capacity in the Spring of 2021 of U.S. made medical examination gloves.

The 15-million-dollar “U.S. Medical Glove Houston Hub” is the first of five planned advanced manufacturing facilities underway across the United States in addition to the U.S. Medical Glove Research & Development factory in Kentucky.

“This is a game changer,” said Maj. Gen. Mike Davidson, Co-founder and CEO of U.S. Medical Glove. “We are moving at the speed of the problem and people are stepping forward.”

Each U.S. Medical Glove Company “Hub” produces 200 million gloves per month and creates 200 jobs generating millions in local economic activity.

Nitrile Gloves have become a hotbed of corruption and theft as a scarce commodity under control of foreign ownership.

U.S. Medical Glove’s roll-out of next generation technology, including sensors used to make gloves, remote monitoring and tracking for just in time delivery are critical in bringing next generation manufacturing to the U.S.

Plastic pollution has increased in the medical products sector and Nitrile Gloves are well-suited for conversion to biopolymers that can serve as a springboard to broader applications of the biopolymer across many industries.

US Medical Glove Company “Liberty Glove”

USMGC “Liberty Glove” is 100% Berry Amendment compliant

100% of raw material manufactured in USA

100% of paper is American paper and medical grade

100% of ink is American made and water soluble

New packaging dispensing with dust cover

Each USMGC Hub offers high-paying jobs for Americans, employee-ownership and serves as a critical piece of U.S. national security. U.S. Medical Glove Company is committed to provide our front-line warriors, health care workers, essential personnel and our citizens with world-class products.

Cushman Wakefield has been retained to select four additional U.S. Medical Glove Company factory locations.

For more information on U.S. Medical Glove Co., visit www.usmedicalglove.com

SOURCE U.S. Medical Glove Company

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